Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get My Idaho Real Estate License Online?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get. The short answer is no. The Idaho Real Estate Commission currently requires live, classroom instruction of the two 45 hour Idaho pre-licensing courses- Module 1 and Module 2. So what’s the good news? We have an option for you to fulfill the requirement of live instruction in the shortest time possible – just 2 weeks – so you can get your real estate career started as soon as possible!

What Does It Cost to Start My Idaho Real Estate Career?

We are often asked by those seeking an Idaho Real Estate license- ‘What does it cost to get an Idaho Real Estate license?’ There are several items involved:
First, to obtain your Idaho real estate salesperson license you must take the two 45 hour Idaho pre-license courses- Module 1 and Module 2. Cost for these courses from the North Idaho Real Estate Academy is $795, which includes all books and materials and can be completed in just 2 weeks! Our 2 week schedule allows you to get your new career started sooner!
You then need to pass the Idaho real estate exam- fee of $80, and pass a fingerprint/background check- fee of $62.00 After that, you then must choose to affiliate with a particular brokerage firm and then you may submit your license application to the Idaho Real Estate Commission- fee of $160. After licensing you may (most likely) need to join the National, State and Local Associations of REALTOR®’s, if the brokerage you are affiliating with is a REALTOR® member. Dues for the association membership(s) are pro-rated from January 1 and are approximately $800 annually. So this could be $400-$800 based upon the month joining.

Renewing Your License?

What is Idaho’s Continuing Education requirement?
Active Renewals: Two (2) Idaho core courses plus 12 elective hours.
Inactive Renewals: No CE is required to renew on inactive status.
Reactivation: If within the same renewal period, no CE requirement. Otherwise, same as for an active renewal (two Idaho core courses plus 12 elective hours).
NOTE: This requirement does not reflect the first initial licensing period requirements.

First Time Renewing ?

The education requirement for initial renewal is 12 hours of prescribed post license courses (8 hours Post License Fundamentals and a 4 hour Post License module of choice). This post license requirement applies to any salesperson who has not yet renewed the license one time on active status.

What Happens After the Test?

If you become associated with a brokerage that is a REALTOR® member, you will need to join your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which gives you access to the listings of all member brokerages. This fee is charged monthly and is $25 per month for the Coeur d’Alene MLS, other area MLS fees may be different.
Additionally, you must obtain an Errors & Omissions insurance policy. The Idaho Real Estate Commission can provide insurance through Rice Insurance Services Company (RISC). You may also obtain this from the brokerage you become affiliated with if they have their own provider. Cost for this coverage from RISC is approximately $200 annually, pro-rated as of October 1.
All costs considered, starting your career in real estate sales for approximately $1,500 to $1,800 is an affordable venture compared to starting other small businesses and offers rewarding income potential. The broker you become affiliated may have other start-up cost requirements for business cards, signs and office supplies. Questions? Contact us today- we are here to assist you!
*Prices are subject to change

Want to Get Your Broker's License?
Broker License Requirements

New broker license applicants must complete a minimum of 90 hours of prelicense education within three (3) years, including the mandatory Brokerage Management and Real Estate Law courses, plus two broker electives. Current elective options include: Valuation & Analysis, Finance, Idaho GRI 101/102 (counts as one), Idaho GRI 201/202 (counts as one), and the CCIM designation courses CI 101, CI 102, CI 103, and CI 104.
Other courses, such as out-of-state GRI courses, may be accepted through special consideration of the Education Council. Broker prelicense courses must be a minimum of 20 hours, include a final course exam, and be actually completed (not credited by “challenging” the final course exams).
All applicants, even those currently licensed as a broker in another state, who wish to be licensed as a “Designated Broker” in Idaho must also complete a Business Conduct and Office Operations (BCOO) course (available online and also currently included as part of Brokerage Management).

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